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Apr 28 15

Episode 44 – Doing Disney Like a Local! – With Scott Parker

by Rod Wheaton



Hello to all my fellow Disney Geeks, welcome to Episode 44!  This week we will talk about doing Walt Disney World like a local; from the best ways to enjoy a more relaxed approach to the parks to food, meeting and making friends and getting the best out of your trip like someone who lives next door!  Joining me is my friend Scott Parker from the Taking the Florida Plunge website and blog, and he’ll help me make a very exciting announcement at the end of the show!  So now sit back and enjoy, because if you are a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

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Apr 14 15

Bonus Episode – Disney By-Gones – Discovery Island!

by Rod Wheaton

Discovery island


Welcome to the first installment of a new series – Disney By-Gones… In this show, we’ll look back at one of the most colorfully back-storied pieces of property in all of WDW: Discovery Island!  From the day Walt first saw it from his plane on November 22nd, 1963, Walt knew this was where he wanted to bring his Florida Project.  But even before Walt bought it, the island had a backstory as colorful as Florida itself, including being the home of an eccentric radio broadcaster who lived there with his pet Spoonbill Crane!  So Sit back and enjoy this week’s episode and learn the story of Discovery Island!

The hunting cabin on Discovery Island with Roy Disney.  Photo from Jim Korkis' private collection

The hunting cabin on Discovery Island with Roy Disney. Photo from Jim Korkis’ private collection

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Apr 7 15

Episode 43 with Disney Moms Panel Member Tania Lamb!

by Rod Wheaton




Since 2008, the Disney Moms Panel has been helping guests get the most fun out of their Disney travels.  What many don’t realize is how hard the panel members work to become a part of the panel and how many people want to be a part of it each year!  This week on the show I welcome Tania Lamb, a Disney Mom, mother of 5, Disney runner, true Disney fan and a great example of why so many have come to love having access to the Disney Moms Panel and why so many like her truly enjoy their work!  Listen in as we talk about what it takes to be a Disney Moms Panel member and how it’s just one more example of how people have come to take their love for all things Disney and use it to make the Disney community better and better!  I’ll also have a special announcement at the end of the show!  So sit back and enjoy, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

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Mar 31 15

Episode 42 – The Best of World Showcase!

by Rod Wheaton

World Showcase


Welcome to Episode 42!  On this week’s show, Jake and I talk about the best things in World Showcase, where we like to eat, listen to music, watch the fireworks, and just soak in the ambiance…So sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

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