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Jul 29 15

Episode 47 – Best Movies Turned into Attractions!

by Rod Wheaton


Welcome to Episode 47!  On the show this week, we’ll talk about the Best Movies Turned into Attractions!  They could be from the past, present or future, or from any Disney Park anywhere in the World!  We’ll announce the winner of last week’s question of the week, and pose a new one for this week’s show.  So sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re always among friends here!

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Jul 21 15

Episode 46 – The Best Water Attractions (and Rides!)

by Rod Wheaton



Hello and welcome to Episode 46, where we talk all the best water attractions and rides in WDW (because some of he best water rides aren’t actually attractions)!  We’ll talk everything from the parks to the resorts and why water is such a big part of the Disney fun, so strap in and come along, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!!

Jul 14 15

Episode 45 – This Florida Life!!

by Rod Wheaton

Cartoon Florida


Hi Everyone!!!  After a long hiatus of over 8 weeks and more than 7,000 miles, with planes, trains, RV’s and automobiles, WE’RE BACK!!  In Episode 45 we’ll talk about the move to Florida and starting a whole new life in the Sunshine State!  We’ll talk about our cross-country road trip, where we got to compare Disney’s Wilderness Lodge with it’s inspiration, the original Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park.  We’ll also get into Downtown Disney, the Amphicars, Trader Sam’s, and the new Polynesian look and feel.  Along the way we’ll laugh and swap stories about the crazy 7,000 mile summer that brought us here to the end of the world in sunny Florida!  So sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re always among friends here!

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Apr 28 15

Episode 44 – Doing Disney Like a Local! – With Scott Parker

by Rod Wheaton



Hello to all my fellow Disney Geeks, welcome to Episode 44!  This week we will talk about doing Walt Disney World like a local; from the best ways to enjoy a more relaxed approach to the parks to food, meeting and making friends and getting the best out of your trip like someone who lives next door!  Joining me is my friend Scott Parker from the Taking the Florida Plunge website and blog, and he’ll help me make a very exciting announcement at the end of the show!  So now sit back and enjoy, because if you are a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

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