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Mar 31 15

Episode 42 – The Best of World Showcase!

by Rod Wheaton

World Showcase


Welcome to Episode 42!  On this week’s show, Jake and I talk about the best things in World Showcase, where we like to eat, listen to music, watch the fireworks, and just soak in the ambiance…So sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

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Mar 2 15

Episode 41 – Yehaa Bob Jackson: Our Fav Music Man Comes to Mousenger!

by Rod Wheaton








Hello and welcome to Episode 41!  This week We’re privileged to have a a guest who is one of my favorite performers in all WDW – Yehaa Bob Jackson!!  Bob has been making music, memories and great times for 18 years, and his immensely popular high energy, high comedy, family friendly show is a favorite must-see for thousands and thousands of people every year.  We’ll talk with Bob about his family history in music, his own passion for music and how he landed his current musical home in Walt Disney World.  As a special treat, he has given the Mousenger 2 songs from his upcoming new album–the first is a Yehaa Bob version of an old classic “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” , followed by an original musical composition by Bob himself!  I’ll play both at the end of the show…So now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

You can find Yehaa Bob, his music, and more HERE

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Feb 18 15

Episode 40 – Doin’ the Dopey with Disney Daddy Chuck Lionberger

by Rod Wheaton

Run all the Races! Dopey


Hi Everyone, and welcome  to Episode 40!  I recently got to go to WDW for the Walt Disney World Marathon, arguably the biggest race of the year.  Over 27,000 runners lined up at the starting line on that Sunday for the full marathon, wrapping up an amazing week of fun, sweat, laughter and good times.  But pushing past shin splints, sore knees, 2:30 AM wake up calls and living on sheer determination was a HARD CORE group of Disney runners who took the ultimate RunDisney challenge, the Dopey…48.6 miles in just 4 days!  Joining me this week is DisneyDaddy Chuck Lionberger, who did the Dopey Challenge this year.  We’ll talk about not only why he did it, but why he and many, many other runners return year after year and event after event to run races that only Disney can put on!  So sit back and join us this week for a little fun and laughter as we talk about what makes a Disney Runner tick, and why if you’ve never, ever run; or even don’t think you ever will, this could still be a LOT of fun even for you!

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Feb 4 15

A Quick and Cool Video Look at the RV We Had for Camping in WDW!

by Rod Wheaton

Jake and I shot a quick video I wanted to show you guys of the RV we got from Meacham’s RV for our recent Guy’s Trip to WDW Marathon Weekend…Awesome times with friends (who you can CLEARLY hear laughing in the background) and an awesome RV! Check it out:

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