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May 23 16

Episode 56 With Film Maker Tony Cortese!

by Rod Wheaton

tony cortese


Hello and Welcome to Episode 56!  On this week’s show, we have as our guest Tony Cortese, producer of the new Disney Documentary “The Dream Finders“; which profiles several Disney “superfans” who have taken their Disney passion and turned it into a career.  We’ll hear what inspired Tony to produce the film, and what it was like to work with the colorful personalities that have made their Disney obsession their way of life.  So now I invite you to sit back and enjoy the show, because as I always say, if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re always among friends here!


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May 10 16

Episode 55 with Author Todd Pierce!

by Rod Wheaton

3 Years

Hello and welcome to episode 55!  In this episode we welcome author and Disney historian Todd Pierce, whose new book “3 Years in Wonderland: The Disney Brothers, C V Wood and the Making of the Great American Theme Park”” brings to light a very little known person from Disney history: C V Wood.  And it’s for good reason you may not have heard of him: his contentious relationship with Walt and Roy caused the Disney company to eventually write him out of the company’s history.  But as Todd points out, there’s good reason to hear the story, and not just because it’s entertaining.  When you know what to look for, you can see the imprint left from C V Wood down to this day.  So now sit back and enjoy the show, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

Disney Historian and Author  Todd Pierce

Disney Historian and Author Todd Pierce

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Apr 11 16

Episode 54 – The Return of the Return!! (Updated Link)

by Rod Wheaton


Hello and welcome to Episode 54!   After a little pause from the mics, Jake and I are back and talking Disney Star Wars, The Launch Bay, Rebels, meeting Kylo Ren and hanging out with Chewbacca.  We’ll talk about how our latest WDW adventures, including seeing a finish line proposal at a Disney race, and running into John Lassiter at Trader Sam’s when we very unintentionally  got swept into his VIP group by an unknowing Cast Member – and we didn’t even know it happened until we were inside hanging out and chatting it up!  So sit back and enjoy, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

Nov WDW 2014 212


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Dec 29 15

Episode 53 – With Jim Korkis-The Return Part 2!

by Rod Wheaton


Join me this week as Disney historian Jim Korkis returns for part 2 of our interview!  You’ll hear more about the stories you never knew that you never knew – the theme of Jim’s latest book.   You’ll also hear a big reveal as to whether the old rumor is true or not about Walt wearing a Barry Goldwater (Republican) pin to his ceremony with President Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) where Walt received the highest medal a civilian can be awarded.  For years the story was debunked–but Jim’s latest discovery may surprise you.

Come join us for the fun!

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