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10 Great things to do at WDW without a Ticket

by Rod Wheaton on May 31, 2013
English: Monorail Peach at Walt Disney World, ...

English: Monorail Peach at Walt Disney World, outside Disney’s Polynesian Resort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I’m often asked what kind of things you can do at WDW outside of the Theme Parks. For those of us that are longtime Disney geeks, we know there are enough things to do to keep us talking for hours. I’ve decided to make a list of some of my favorite things to do without a ticket outside the parks, and it was hard keeping it to just 10! So here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite things to do at WDW that don’t involve tickets or a theme park..

1. Sit in a rocking chair at Crockett’s Tavern in Fort Wilderness campground.

This one is an all time fav. On a sunny afternoon you can’t find a better place to sit and have a cold drink in the shade of the porch and people watch.

2. Related to #1, talk a walk thru the campground.

The winding path thru the Cypress trees, the Spanish Moss, and along the meandering streams will make you forget there’s a bustling theme park nearby. It’s also fun to walk thru the campground loops and see how people decorate their RV’s Disney style!

3. Go for a run.

Ok, so maybe exercise isn’t part of your vacation activity list. Fine. But if it is, there are great places to run, like along the boardwalk at the Boardwalk in, or along the path by the Wilderness Lodge that will take you along thru wooded areas and down by Bay Lake.

4. Have a drink on the beach at the Polynesian Resort.

It doesn’t matters if it’s a Mai Tai or an ice water. How can you go wrong on a white sand beach staring across the water at the Castle?

5. Go to an outdoor movie.

This was one that started years ago at the campground, but was so popular it has spread to the other resorts.

6. Take a Monorail Lounge tour.

Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: You hop on the monorail, and at each resort stop, you hop off, hit one of the lounges, and have a drink. Not a drinker? No problem, its just as much fun with soda or juice when you’re having fun with friends.

7. Take a boat ride

Lots of choices here…two of my favorites are from the Contemporary to the Wilderness Lodge and from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney.

8. Walk the Boardwalk. It’s a great place to explore.

9. Hit a game room with your kids or even on your own.

Haven’t been a video game wizard since the 80’s? Here’s your chance.

10. Take a ride around EPCOT.

This is something I do with my kids every time we go almost as soon as we get to WDW. We jump the monorail and take the ride all the way around EPCOT. it gets us charged up for when we do hit the park as we look down at all the attractions, families and great things to come.

I know I’ve missed something as this is far from an exhaustive list. What do you like to do? Leave a comment in the box!

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See Ya real soon!

Rod W

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  1. The monorail is a tricky way to “get into” the park without a ticket

  2. Joyce Wheaton permalink

    I think another great thing to do is walk from the Poly to the Wedding Chapel and see if you know any of the people that bought stepping stones and had them engraved. We did that around 25 years ago. Great memory and had fun locating it the first time.
    Loved your free ideas too.

  3. I always take my fishing equipment and fish in the early morning and evening while staying at the Caribbean. This past April I got up early before our day of parks and caught 22 little bass.

  4. Becky permalink

    Go to Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo and Kidani) and see safari animals for free. It’s great,ther always someone on hand to answer any of your questions.

  5. Thanks, guys!

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