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5 Amazing Things the New Disney Magic Bands Will Do for You

by Rod Wheaton on June 5, 2013
The Magic Bands will change the way you vacation

The Magic Bands will change the way you vacation

The internet and the Disney community are abuzz about the blue tooth and RFID-powered Magic Band…enthusiasts say it’s a great new way to make your vacation more immersive and enjoyable, while detractors are crying foul over privacy issues. Sabre-rattling Congressman Ed Markey demanded Disney CEO Bob Iger answer questions that they’d already answered in their FAQ ‘s… Several years and a billion dollars in the deveolping of new technology can generate some buzz…I’m saying right up front–I’m an enthusiast. I’m psyched for what the bands will mean for a completely new and interactive type of experience on all our future vacations. Here’s just 5 really cool things on the horizon that the bands are going to be able to do (and there are SOOO many other thiings that will be possible as the technology develops):

1. The band becomes your room key. And just like the current guest ID cards, you can use it to buy merchandise, food, or book an activity by waving your wrist.

2. Simplicity continues when you enter the park. Again, no card in the pocket or purse. You swipe the band as you pass the turnstile, and away you go.

Here’s where some cool things really start to happen.

3. Instead of rushing or sending your kids to do the run-ahead for fast passes, the band lets you do it. Possibly even from your smartphone. And that’s not all. The bands will even make it possible to reserve spots for parades and fireworks. It can also be used to set up shows and character greetings.

4. It will even be possible that a character will know your child by name as they approach at greetings and other functions. Think of your child being greeted by name as they approach Cinderella, Peter Pan, Bell, or Gaston…

5. As this integrates further the tech can be leveraged into the restaurants, making it possible not only to make your reservations, but even to have your food ordered as you arrive. Imagine approaching the host or hostess as your table time is near, and as you are being seated, your food and drinks are already being brought to you.

These 5 things really only scratch the surface of what is being talked about. I haven’t even mentioned some of the more fantastic things that are being floated. There is talk of personalized Small World dolls (that you create before coming to the parks) appearing as you approach through the attraction. For more on this and other amazing future applications of this new tech, go to WDWRadio Newscast of 5/29/13.

What is the point of all this technology being integrated into the parks? Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, put it this way: “This allows us to unlock more special things for you. People want to share more, and especially when they are in a Disney Parks environment. The more that their visit can be personalized, the better.”

When asked about how technical Disney should get, he continued: “I don’t think there’s a limit. I think that tech for it’s own sake in our park shouldn’t happen. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the magic it creates. ” He said the company’s goal is for guests to leave thinking “Wow! That was incredible”

I’m already saying it, and I haven’t even seen it yet.

See ya real soon!

–Rod Wheaton

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The Magic Bands will come in a variety of colors and be fully customizable

The Magic Bands will come in a variety of colors and be fully customizable


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