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A distance runner shares his thoughts about the Boston Marathon Tragedy

by Rod Wheaton on April 17, 2013

Even two days later the tragedy and loss of life in the Boston Marathon is hard to comprehend.  Now this being a Disney blog, I wouldn’t normally write about tragedy.  But one of the things I’ve gained from WDW is the chance to meet and come to know a lot of great people in the running community.  Disney running events, after all, is something I plan my trips around to take part in.  One of the people my sister and I have had the chance to get to know is Joe Kolinsky.  We met thru our running together on the WDWRadio running team.  Joe is a real distance running athlete.  For a personal challenge this year, Joe  ran 12 marathons in 12 months.  Tonight on his blog he wrote how the Boston Marathon tragedy made him take stock of the things in his life he is grateful for, and how the actions of those whose first impulse was to run and help the victims reminded us all of the good in so many others around us.  I think you’ll enjoy reading it.  Just follow the link below:大阪京菓ZRアサヒフード 50粒 ミンティア ドライハード〔98円〕×400個 +税 【送料無料(北海道?沖縄は別途送料)】【2k】
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こたつ布団 長方形 単品 無地調 綿100% いろり 萌黄(グリーン) 約215×255cm(厚掛けタイプ) - イケヒココーポレーション
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