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A Teenager’s Reasons Why There is NO Age Limit to love Walt Disney World

by Rod Wheaton on June 27, 2013
Betty White Tour - Stop #5 (Walt Disney Studios)

Betty White Tour – Stop #5 (Walt Disney Studios) (Photo credit: Loren Javier)

Today’s blog post comes from a special guest, 15-year-old Summer Alexis who gives her explanation for why people of all ages love WDW:

As all true WDW fans know, Disney World is something enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.
Some people less familiar with the mouse however somehow get the misconception that WDW is a place you go to for kids. (I don’t really understand how that idea got started, since I’m a teenager myself and still enjoy as much or more than when I was a kid.)
The only reasonable conclusion I have come up with is that they must be looking in the wrong places… So here it is: my -(hopefully)- short run through of things to enjoy at Walt Disney World for teens and older:
An obvious place to start is the rides. Walt Disney World isn’t all Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh (though I do enjoy those very much.) But if the trademark fairytale rides aren’t exciting enough for you, Disney World also has rides for our inner thrillseeker such as The Rock and Roller Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and the Hollywood Tower of Terror just to name a few.
Another great, shall we say “grown-up” aspect of Walt Disney World is *drumroll please*: The Shopping! Aside from the great shops in all the parks, and especially the shopping around the globe at Epcot’s world showcase, some of the best shops and restaurants in all WDW are located in Downtown Disney. Not only is it a nice short hop from the hotels, you don’t have to pay admission like you do in the parks. Some of my favorite shops in Downtown Disney are: the Vinylmation store, Once Upon a Toy, (don’t judge! ) MouseGears, and there’s even a shop where you can create your own T-shirt.

If you’re a fan of food (like me) Disney World has plenty of amazing restaurants too. Some of my all-time favorite restaurants at Disney are Cinderella’s Royal Table, New Fantasyland’s Be Our Guest restaurant, Whispering Canyon, and The 50s Primetime Cafe. If you really want a fun experience, I’d recommend either The 50s Primetime or Whispering Canyon at The Wilderness Lodge for the service and the experience.
At the Primetime Cafe, the waitress is supposed to be your aunt, and she will punish you with time out for putting your elbows on the table, tattling, or other things like that. All I want to say about Whispering Canyon is: make sure you ask for ketchup!

Lastly, WDW is a place where we CAN be a kid again, so I say just chill and enjoy. That’s my favorite thing about it. You’re allowed to feel like a little kid again, and just have fun like you’re in a little bubble away from the world. Of course, since it is WDW, the bubble will have two smaller bubbles on top that form a Mickey…

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