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This blog has grown out of a long time love of the Mouse and his house.  My parents took me to Walt Disney World less than 2 months after it opened, when it was still just the three of us.   In 2012 we made our 40th annual family trip, and now the family has grown to over 20 with all the added children, spouses and grandchildren.  And like a good Disney dad, my kids are just as crazy for WDW as I am!

These days my favorite Disney activities are camping in Fort Wilderness,  running various RunDisney  events, and blogging and podcasting about all things Disney.

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Nov WDW 2014 212

As this blog and podcast has grown, so have my kids, and they love WDW just as much as their dad!  Of late, you’re hearing a lot more on the show from my son Jake, who has become my co-host for many shows now.  Jake loves Disney, podcasting and parkour and really enjoys visiting WDW and finding more topics to cover on the show.  He made his first WDW trip when he was just 3 months old, and to this day it’s his favorite place to play…now that’s good brainwashing parenting!

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  1. How do we contact you? I would love to be part of your series on packing it up and moving down! Thanks!

    • Hi Morgan! You can contact me at Do you mean you’d like to write about how you have moved down? I’d be glad to feature you if so. I found the article I posted today on the Orlando Sentinel. I also have a blogger friend who blogs about their big move. I look forward to hearing from you!

      Rod W

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