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Adventures in Disneyland: The 24 hr Monstrous Party

by Rod Wheaton on May 26, 2013

This past Fri/Sat Disney hosted it’s biggest 24 hr party yet – 3 parks on both coasts. I was fortunate enough to a) be visiting family in California at the time, and b) have rabid Disney fans in the family who were willing to hit all 24 hrs with me after establishing a base camp in one of the suites at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.

We all converged for breakfast on the day of the party at the Grand Californian’s quick service restaurant White Water Snacks and made our way to the park. There were a few stragglers in our party, but our Disney faithful were chomping at the bit. The party started at 6 AM with fireworks at the entrances to the parks, and the thing we noticed right away was the absence of huge crowds. This was quite a bit different from the Leap Year 24 hr party, where crowds started heavy and stayed that way. Here this morning though, we were surprised to see the crowds were light.


We made our way first into California Adventure and hit the big attractions first. Even Radiator Springs was a short wait. Since I’m from the east coast and my usual Disney trip is Orlando, this was my first time to see the whole “Carsland” evperience. I have to say I think it’s got to be one of the coolest things the Imagineers have ever created. You really feel like you’ve stepped into the movie. Every detail is perfect. We wandered around for an hour just taking it all in.imageimageimage

It was light and easy as we made our way around all morning, hitting the Monsters, inc attraction and almost anything else we wanted to with only 15-20 minute waits. By lunchtime, though the crowds started to roll in, and it was heavy all the way through til the next morning. Even when it was crowded though, the energy and exuberance of the crowd kept the spirit of fun in it all. But since a picture is worth 1000 words, here are some pics to show what a fun time the WHOLE 24 HOURS really was…






My son gets a demonstratuion of "Google Glass" from Google VP Vic Gundotra

My son gets a demonstration of “Google Glass” from Google VP Vic Gundotra



After 24 wonderful but exhasting hours we took a last parting shot of the Castle and then headed back to the Grand californian to base camp. By the time we got in bed, the sun was coming up in the east and the sky grey…then again our brains were kind of grey and foggy too. Still, I got to do something very memorable with my teen and tween kids, I got to be a “cool” uncle with my neice and nephew, and was surrounded by a really fun crew for an event none of us will forget…So Disney, when can we do it again?

No, these aren’t gang signs…we’re holding up the two fingers because we were at hour 22 at this point!

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