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Episode 54 – The Return of the Return!! (Updated Link)

by Rod Wheaton on April 11, 2016


Hello and welcome to Episode 54!   After a little pause from the mics, Jake and I are back and talking Disney Star Wars, The Launch Bay, Rebels, meeting Kylo Ren and hanging out with Chewbacca.  We’ll talk about how our latest WDW adventures, including seeing a finish line proposal at a Disney race, and running into John Lassiter at Trader Sam’s when we very unintentionally  got swept into his VIP group by an unknowing Cast Member – and we didn’t even know it happened until we were inside hanging out and chatting it up!  So sit back and enjoy, because if you’re a Disney Geek, you’re among friends here!

Nov WDW 2014 212


To enjoy WDW – Fort Wilderness style, talk to our friends at Meacham’s RV HERE

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