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I felt the need to share this article

by Rod Wheaton on April 30, 2013

Rose and Crown

I felt the need to share this article below that comes from the blog “It’s All in WDW” in their series “Still Eating Epcot“.  It caught my eye because it mentions one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat: The Rose and Crown Pub and The Yorkshire County Fish Shop…yes, I know they are supposed to two separate and distinct places, but to me they blend into one perfect oasis…

When my kids were little and we were park hopping with a stroller we always would end the day at EPCOT.   By evening time the heat of the day would give way to a cool breeze as we would take the boat ride over to the back entrance to the park.  Inevitably the kids would fall asleep to the hum of the boat as we rode the water.  The boats let you off right behind World Showcase, and a quick left over the bridge and to the right was the Rose and Crown.

Like all parents know, the blissful peace of kids asleep in the stroller is likely going to be short-lived.   We had to move quickly.  Over the years my wife and I had honed our system to the precision of a military op…I ran for the Fish and Chips line while she got the stroller to a shady table and grabbed two Bass Ales.  Then for whatever amount of time our insane toddlers  adorable children slept, we got to enjoy a peaceful moment together looking out over the lagoon and enjoying another fine Florida evening.

Starting off the evening that way made it hard for anything else to go wrong.  The kids would wake up recharged, we’d stand and stretch, and then it was off to whatever we all wanted.  I’m sure we’re not the only parents who found this trick, but nobody could have enjoyed it more!

Enjoy the article from “It’s all in WDW” at the link below:

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