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Photo Highlights from the Walt Disney Family Museum

by Rod Wheaton on May 21, 2014


The image that greets you in the lobby

The image that greets you in the lobby

My recent trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco was a Disney Geek’s dream…from candid family shots to the awards to the multi-plane camera and all the displays of Walt’s accomplishments, it was an amazing experience.  Visiting WDW in Florida, I have always loved going to see “One Man’s Dream”.  This was so much more, and the richness of detail was amazing to soak in.  I wanted to post some photo highlights from my tour, so I hope you enjoy them as much was I did, to get a better view just click any image.   On this week’s podcast episode 19, I talk all about these items and so much more!  For any Disney Geek, the Walt Disney Family Museum has got to be seen at least once!

See Ya Real Soon,

Rod W

PS—To hear all about the highlights from the museum, make sure to check out episode 19 of the podcast!  You can stream from this site or go to subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher!

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