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Robert Downey Jr Rocks Iron Man 3

by Rod Wheaton on May 3, 2013

Don’t Worry—there will be no spoilers here, only at most the things already revealed in the trailers


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Like a lot of SuperheroDisney/ Marvel fans last night, I grabbed my car keys, my son, snacks and popcorn and hit the earliest show possible last night for the opening of Iron Man 3.   Let me disclose early that I’m of the opinion that if you put superheroes, explosions and heavy testosterone battles up on screen, you have a perfect movie no matter what.  But even without my extreme bias toward this type of film I would have to say that once again Robert Downey jr makes Iron Man’s Tony Stark one of the most engaging if unrepentently irascible anti-heros.

This movie goes beyond the suit, and really goes after the question “What makes Iron Man, the iron suit or the heart that beats inside it?”  Still reeling from the events in “The Avengers” , early on we see Tony faces a devastating attack that deprives him of some of the things he has taken for granted.  What follows is the real Tony Stark pushing himself and making choices that show what truly makes him “Iron Man”.   It’s not the gadgets, the wealth, or the weaponry that make him a force for justice, it’s the man himself.  He will not give up or relent no matter what his obstacles.

Along the way he meets a young adolescent helper who reflects much of what Tony sees in himself.  Still, the film never devolves into a cliched paternal relationship, instead providing some of the more humorous exchanges in the entire film.  Some surprising twists in the plot and the always amazing Ben Kingsley as the villain driving it may take you by surprise.  I’d love to go a lot further, but will stop here to keep from divulging too much.  Suffice it to say, grab your ticket, run for the theatre, and get ready to enjoy one of the newest additions to the Disney film family…

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