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Search it Saturday

by Rod Wheaton on May 18, 2013

Good Morning everybody!  This morning I have a couple of photos for you to search, some very easy, some a  little less known.  Here’s the first:

Where is this taken?


Ok, that was kind of easy if you know the storyline…This one is a little harder.  Where is this taken?  Hint:  it’s one of my favorite places in all the World…

Rile's Island

Next, who can tell me the name of this island in Bay Lake?  There are at least 3 answers that would be correct, but I’m looking for the name true Disney geeks will know, the name  Walt knew it as when he flew over it and legend says he pronounced “This is where we’re building Disney World!”



Finally, this last one is a no-brainer, but I just love the colors and how alive it looks so I threw it in…


Did you know all of them?  Post your answers, and as always, if you enjoy the photos, stories and posts, please share them with your friends!  Hit the share buttons below to share with your friends on social media!  And of course, come by and Like our page on FaceBook!

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  1. Joyce Wheaton permalink

    1- Belle’s Castle
    2- Walk from the Fort Wilderness store to campground
    3- Animal Kingdom

  2. Troy garner permalink

    Belles Castle
    The walk from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness
    Treasure Island
    Snack cart at Animal Kingdom

    • Very Close, #2 you’re in the right area, but it’s actually from the Meadows Trading Post to the playground and camping area. Also Treasure Island is one of the correct answers but it was known by another when Walt saw it…

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