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The Mousenger…

by Rod Wheaton on March 22, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!  Disney in general, and Walt Disney World in particular, have been part of my life for as long as I remember.  In future posts, we’ll talk about news, happenings, rides, attractions, resorts and all the things that keep us all going back to Walt Disney World time after time.  So what is it about WDW that creates a community like no other?  After all,  you don’t find books written about Universal Studios, or the company’s history, or the founder’s personal life…and nowhere else do you find another  company whose customers feel such an almost family like affection for them.

When you’re young it’s almost certainly about the rides and attractions.  When grown though, so many Disneyphiles keep coming back and bringing their own children, and even grandchildren.  I think it has to do with the fact that for so many of us, WDW comes to symbolize so many important things.  We get so invested in the resorts we’ve stayed in, the rides we’ve taken, in the places we sat with family and ate and played.  And the whole time we watched our families grow up together.  When we return, we not only have fun in the present, but keep adding onto the joys from before.

Now with the emergence of the online community, you can get a taste of Walt Disney World anytime you like.  You can also reach out and make friends with others who love WDW just as much as you do.  Podcasts like WDWRadio have created communities that have linked people together thru their mutual interest in all things Disney, and have also extended beyond to taking Disney Cruises together, forming running clubs to benefit charity, and having regular meets in the parks and beyond.  It really is an exciting time to be a Disney fan.

As this blog develops, I’ll post things I enjoy, and invite you to interact and tell me the things that make you head to Orlando time after time.  I hope you’ll drop me a line with your thoughts and comments, and by all means leave some comments and feedback on the things I post.  Looking forward to what’s to come!!

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