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The Top 7 Most Romantic things to Do at WDW

by Rod Wheaton on June 18, 2013


For millions of people Walt Disney World is a vacation destination for families. Often times people bring their children to watch them ride the rides, play the games, and do so many enjoyable things that families can do together.

For a large and growing number of people though, Walt Disney World isn’t just about children. For many it’s a vacation destination for their wedding. It’s also a honeymoon spot, and for thousands of couples it’s seen as a romantic vacation where they can get away from it all, enjoy a little Disney Magic, and have some romantic times with the one they love.
I can speak firsthand on how great a spot Walt Disney World is for couples. After all, over 20 years ago I spent my own honeymoon there. We got to be among the first to try out what was then one of the new hotels-the Walt Disney World Dolphin. You may think of the hotel in terms of the whimsical dolphins perched on top of the corners of the building, but what comes to my mind is the beautiful pool, the lounge chairs alongside the water, the ability to spend an evening having a drink and watching the fireworks in the sky over Epcot. There is a concierge lounge where we would sit and have happy hour together as a newly minted husband-and-wife. Finally, it was a place where at night the grounds became a very romantic place to stroll and enjoy.
This past week over on the WDWMousenger Facebook page I asked you what were your favorite most romantic spots that were couple friendly in Walt Disney World. Listed below I’ve narrowed your choices down to the top seven. So here they are – the choices that you sent in as your favorite romantic places and things for couples at Walt Disney World:
#1. The Polynesian Hotel. This was the one that got a lot of votes and comments. So many it could almost be in it’s own category…so here are what you said were the romantic things most loved at the Poly:
A) Strolling along the beach and watching fireworks.
B) Sitting in a hammock together out by the water overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon.
C) Strolling the gardens with the torches lighting up the night.
D) The Luau. Several said this was the ideal way for a couple to spend the evening together.
#2 The waters of Walt Disney World came in with quite a few votes. The ways to experience them were very wide and varied. Taking a ferry boat ride at night was one. Taking a ride down the Sassagoula waterway from the Port Orleans down to Downtown Disney came in with several votes.
#3 Cinderella Castle still comes in as a favorite. For some it wa having dinner there at a window table. For others it was watching the fireworks with someone special as they explode high above.
#4 One restaurant in particular came to mind for many of you, and it may be no surprise that that restaurant was Victoria and Albert’s. This is a fine dining experience at its bes,t and understandably may be beyond the reach or desire of a large number of people. For a good number of you though, this was the number one choice. Some runners-up included Shula’s Blue Zoo and the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse.
#5 Downtown Disney came up several times, with Ghirardelli’s in the lead. Sitting with a coffee or ice cream alongside the water watching people walk by and enjoy the evening definitely gets high marks.
#6 Closely related to the waters and Cinderella Castle is a Wishes Cruise. Several of you responded and said that taking a Wishes Cruise out onto the water, having a drink and enjoying hors d’oeuvres while watching the fireworks from the privacy of your own chartered boat ranked highest on your list of romantic things to do in Walt Disney World.
#7 This was a unique choice in that it was not a place, but a time of year: The Wine and Dine Festival held each November. Wine and food tasting while walking world showcase in the evening gives you the chance to feel the evening breeze, slow down and relax.
No doubt some are reading this list and screaming at the screen “HOW COULD YOU FORGET______!”. If that’s the case, it shows that there’s no end to the enjoyable things or places you can find when it comes to being in Disney World with people you love. So, if onyour favoritedidn’t make the list, by all means leave it in the comment box! And as always, if you enjoy the blog or enjoy this particular article, please hit one of the share buttons below so that your friends can read! Invite them to share what their favorite things to do in Walt Disney World for couples are.
Till next time,
See ya real soon!
Rod W

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