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Top 5: Disney World Spots Sadly Abandoned

by Rod Wheaton on June 20, 2013

To all my fellow Disney Geeks who know and/lor like a dose in WDW history (perfect for Throwback Thursday!) here is a cool article from Josh Taylor at ModernMouse Radio about places in WDW that have gone the way of the Dinosaur…no, not as in the Carnotaur over at AK, but as in have gone extinct. There are 5 on Josh’s list, and there could easily be more. I may have to do a follow up article later…
#3 on the list is River Country. It was a personal favorite of mine and I was sad to see it go. River Country was the original Disney water park back in the days before Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. You can find some pretty wild videos on YouTube of the abandoned site today, and as Josh points out, at night music still plays and lights still come on…it’s a pretty spooky looking place now. Enjoy the article, and if you have any other favorite extinct attractions, let us know in the comments!

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