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Top 5: Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed

by Rod Wheaton on June 11, 2013

Great article on the symptoms of the Disney obsessed! A fun read! If you find you answer at least 3 of these with a resounding “Yes, I do that!” Then you definitely rank among the Disney faithful…

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  1. Josh! Funniest article I’ve read in a while! It’s me ALL the way!
    Rod Wheaton

  2. Rod, thank you so much, not only for the wonderful comment but for reblogging as well!

  3. Great blog. It reminds me of another one by another great writer. 😉

  4. Joyce Wheaton permalink

    I loved this article. I am also one of ‘those people’ lol…

  5. abronxturtle permalink

    Yikes…..I’m 4 for 5……

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