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Vintage Photo Friday!

by Rod Wheaton on June 7, 2013

Good Morning! Like a lot of Disney Geeks, I have made a hobby of collecting brochures, Vacation Guides, buttons and other WDW paraphanelia. I even have my original Resort ID card from 1972 on my first visit with my parents when I was a wee little lad…
It was a tradition for my family on our yearly pilgrimage from Virginia to the House of Mouse in Orlando to stop at the Florida Welcome Center and get our orange juice, and for us kids to stock up on all the new WDW brochures. We would read and read them over and again the remaining several hours of driving until we were carsick, all the way until we saw those entry gates…
I thought it might be fun to share a few pictures of some of these old brochures and guides with some of you, and also ask what memorabilia you have saved over the years. Here are just a very few of the items I have kept:

Anyone remember this one? It comes from the mid 70’s and was placed in your guest room.

Here is the back of the same guide:


Inside you can find a map of what was at that time the entire WDW complex, and the descriptions of 2 resorts that have since gone thru several changes: The Golf Resort and Tree House Villas. In 1986 Disney execs felt that the name “Golf Resort” was too narrow in it’s focus and might give the impression that it was only for golfers. It became “The Disney Inn, and received a SnowWhite themed makeover. In 1994 it became “Shades of Green”, and was for military personnel and their families. Recently it was closed and torn down for renovation. The Treehouse Villas housed guests from 1975 until 2002, and after being closed down and renovated is now part of the Saratoga SpringsResort





Here is one of my favorites of the old brochures. It’s from 1976 and i can remember reading by the old original garden slide pool in what was then known as the Polynesian Village Resort, now called simply “The Polynesian”. Does anyone remember it?:


Finally, here’s one last one announcing the arrival of EPCOT, the newest (in 1982) park:


What brochures do you have saved? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page! And as always, if you enjoyed this post, please hit one of the social media share buttons below to share with your friends!

See ya real soon!
–Rod Wheaton

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