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Water at WDW

by Rod Wheaton on April 24, 2013

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According to Disney Legend, during a flight over what would become Walt Disney World, Walt was said to have looked down on an island sitting in the middle of Bay Lake (an island that would go thru several name changes, but is most recognized as Discovery Island) and pronounced that this was the site where he would build his new east coast park. He understood the appeal of water, and water and Florida went hand in hand.

Even now water is a tremendous feature throughout Walt Disney Word. From the fountains that create reverse waterfalls in EPCOT, to cruising past that same island Walt first saw on a ferry boat, pontoon boat, or water mouse, the appeal and draw to the water is part of a WDW vacation.


From any dock in the World you can not only rent boats from the small Watermouse to a large pontoon boat, but you can also book a fishing trip, go skiing, or even take a full parasailing tour over Bay Lake. If you like your thrills a little more on the mellow side, there’s a slow meandering canoe trip you can take at your own pace that passes thru the campground at Fort Wilderness.

WDW knows how to use the appeal of water when it comes to putting on a good show, too. Every night the Electrical Water Pageant makes its way across Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake in a display of sea serpents, whales, dinosaurs and whimsical sea creatures both real and imagined.
Guests at EPCOT see the nightly show “Illuminations”, watching scenes of mankind’s history from cave dweller to modern life projected onto a globe as it floats across the water to finally mix in with an amazing display of fire and booming explosions in the sky.

Even the attractions themselves at WDW often incorporate or even center around water. The Jungle Cruise, Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, The new Little Mermaid attraction, and the Norway pavilion in EPCOT to name only a few, are all rides featuring water and boats as central parts of the appeal.

Is the water part of your vacation? What water attractions do you like at WDW?

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